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Basic Tactics
Dolph Date: Saturday, 14-July-2012, 12:37 PM | Message # 1
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Well guys its time to change... i mean really annoyed at the muppets in bg's who cant follow simple winning tactics... i'm pretty sure one person knows who i'm on about.

WSG - Get flag protect flag simple as... no pvp in middle cause its a noob move. It is a hard one to win...

AB - Get 3 or 4 bases FARM IS ALWAYS LAST!!last person out of the hall caps stables and defend at flag = winning

AV - Fuck defending our boss we ally should go galv first and nuke him.. towers next and always cap and defend them no running off I personally can tank with 2-3 towers up but its best if we get all towers destroyed so we can nuke drek = easy win ... ally should always win AV

EotS - so many people screw up in this so we have to cap 3 bases first!!!! if you go flag first instant loss because to many people went flag soon as we have 3 bases we go get flag simple not hard to follow.... we leave 1 person at each base. we then move on their last base doing pvp at their base only! whilst that is happening a shaman or druid or any other class will go get flag and just keep capping and capping the flag cause we have 3 bases. EASY WINS.

Peka Date: Saturday, 14-July-2012, 12:56 PM | Message # 2
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Lemme say few words:
WSG: While ur taking their flag u should have someone in your base defending flag it makes game much easier.
AV: In av u have to control towers and mines. IF possible save their mini for later on ingame if u cant kill main and if u cant kill their main best tactic is for everyone to hide at ur mini and take as many hordes as u can.
Eots: 2 bases is a must 3rd base would be awesome while control 3 bases u have to defend em and make ur way to flag.
Maeve Date: Sunday, 19-August-2012, 7:34 AM | Message # 3
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WSG - there are 2 tactics -1. one big group all get flag, all gets it back
-2. two groups one gets flag one defends , but if the other team goes with one big group , it`s risky
never ever leave flag carrier alone

EotS - 3 bases way better than 1 base and flag....never cap flag with only one base , u better keep flag untill u haz at least two bases . and most important....fight only at bases , never on bridges or whatever unless it`s a easy fight becouse if u stay at base ...u either take that base , or u make them take it slower and maybe back-up comes

AV - the point is to push them back , some rogues or whatever will allways go behind u and cap towers in ower base , same thing ower rogues,ferals should do...go str8 to last boss cap the 2 bases and the gy. a group of 3-5 ppl should allways go back and cap ower towers , never let a tower burn (tower=100 points), and as dolph said...if u take a tower sit ur ass in it untill it burns , even if u know u are going to die , keep them busy as long as u can and don`t let them take it back. If AV were a 40vs 40 bg ...like it should than tactics change a bit...few should stay and defend ower mini boss and rest should go kill theyr mini boss , but in 10 vs 10 fights....u need all at theyr mini boss so u can`t leave ppl behind 2 defend owers

AB - ...depents on how manny ppl u haz if it`s 10 vs 10 , get 3 groups of 3 ppl and split , one group LM one mine and one BS...usualy horde goes BS , even if u don`t get BS at least u kept them busy there and give ur team a chance 2 cap rest , never run from a base even if they are 5 vs 1....aoe near flag 2 delay them ,every second counts , for that second u get points . If u take a base , defend it and again...even if all horde comes running at u , don`t leave...stay and delay them how u can...don`t rty 2 kill anyone , just thoese that try 2 take flag,do dmg 2 them in any way posible , if u take a flag , it takes them 8 seconds to take it back...8 seconds of points for us . If u have less than 10 ppl than divide how many u are in 3 groups . Let`s say u are 6 vs 6...first go 2 each group than leave one at Farm to defend it , one at LM to defend and one at Mine , and u have 3 spare ppl....these 3 should run between bases and help defend if needed , if not take BS. The most important thing is to have at least one at each base u own , and don`t be afraid to ask for help or tell ppl where hordies are heading , carbonite helps for that , just right click on base and u get a menu with help,attack,guard,incoming etc click on one of them depending on ur situation.

Most important in a bg is how u survive...if u have a class that can heal..than go heal ,for example if u are priest ...go disc or holy if ur team don`t haz lots of heals , it`s better to have a litle heal than none , if u just started pvp ....and ofc u have a class that has a heal spec..chose that one , u are more helpfull as a undergeared heal than a undergeared dps

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