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Affliction Warlock PVE [4.0.6 Guide]

Affliction Warlock PVE [4.0.6 Guide]


THIS are the talents and Glyphs that I use.


For Warlock's Intellect is MOST important stat. Next is Hit (17%). Then Haste > Critical > Mastery 

First Reforge Critical, Mastery and Haste to Hit, until it reaches 17%. Then, Reforge all Critical and Mastery to Haste. 




>Head: Arcanum of Hyjal
>Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (requires Therazane Exalted, you can also buy Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone, which requires Therazane Honored) 
>Back: Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect ( If you have Tailoring, then Lightweave Embroidery) 
>Chest: Enchant Chest - Peerless stats ( It's expensive Enchant, so if you can't pay for it, then go with Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats) 
>Wrists: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect (If that is expensive for you, then go with Enchant Bracer - Speed) 
>Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Haste 
>Legs: Powerful Enchanted Spellthread 
>Boots: Enchant Boots - Haste 
>Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle 
>Rings: (Enchanter only) Enchant Ring - Intellect 
>Weapon: Enchant Weapon: Power Torrent ( that is very expensive Enchant, if you don't have gold to buy it, then go with Hurricane) 

Off Hand:
Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect


Flask: Flask of the Draconic Mind 
Food: Severed Sagefish Head or Baked Rockfish 
Potion: Volcanic Potion ( best use it when leader says "Max DPS") 


Minion: Succubus is best Minion, she does most damage. Although Demon Soul is not as good as on Imp or Felhunter, she is still better than them.

Spell Priority: Curse of the Elements, Haunt, Unstable Affliction, Corruption, Bane of Agony, Drain Soul (below 25% HP), Shadowflame (if in melee range), Shadow Bolt and Demon Soul

Rotation: Open Rotation with Curse of Elements,Bane of Agony, Unstable Affliction and Corruption . Keep those dots active at all times. After that use Haunt, then Shadow Bolt spamming. Then, it's only important to keep using Haunt on every cd, and keep refreshing dots. Corruption is refreshed by Haunt, while Unstable Affliction and Bane of Agony should be cast when last tick hits.

When target reaches 25% HP, switch Shadow Bolt spam to Drain Soul channeling. Your Drain Soul ticks will refresh Corruption, and you still have to manually refresh Bane of Agony, UA and Haunt. The best time to stop channeling Drain Soul is after a tick.
Use Demon Soul on Cooldown, for best effect, use it with trinket.

Shadowflame should be only used if you can stay close to boss, if mechanics or your group require you to stay at range, it's a dps loss to go out of your way to cast Shadowflame.

Dark Intent is importan Buff for you and Raid member of your choice.

Use Fel Flame only when you are moving, or when you have 4 pieces of T11 set. Don't use it to refresh CD of Unstable Affliction.

Any time spent doing nothing is time where you do no dps. Our spells are limited when we're on the move, but there's always something that we can do. Here's a small priority list of what to do while moving:

* Haunt - if you can stop moving long enough to get off a Haunt cast, it's worth doing so.
* DoTs - keep your dots ticking, refresh Bane of Agony as you normally would, if you cannot stop to cast Haunt you should recast Corruption between the second to last and last tick, keep UA up by casting Fel Flame.
* Life Tap - if you need the mana, Life Tapping while moving saves you a Life Tap later when you stand still and could cast Shadow Bolts.
* Fel Flame - spam this if you've done all of the above and are still moving.

Soul Swap is kinda bugged here, with the Glyph it doesn't remove dots from the target, but it should add 10 secs cd (or 20 or 30 idk). So, when you get 2-3 mobs, put dots on one, then soul swap it to other, and keep all 3 dots active on all 2-3 mobs. When there are more, use Soulburn: Seed of Corruption, and then put remaining 2 dots on one mob, then Soul Swap the rest. Be careful with Soul Swap though, if you don't exhale in 20 secs, it will bug, and you will have to either relog or teleport somewhere, then put it back manually.


The Addons I use for Warlock are Mik Scrolling Battle Text and Quartz. Quartz is a timer for dots. 

That's it. If I missed something pls tell me. 
- Written by Warllock -


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