WoW Enchanting Guide 1-525


This WoW Enchanting Guide (updated for 4.3) will help you level from 1-525. If you are power leveling through this guide with a high level character you will find that it can be very expensive to level up the last several levels to reach 525. So if you are hurting for gold take a look at this Gold Guide to learn how to get more gold so you can finish leveling up your enchanting!

Enchanting Introduction

First off to get your enchanting started you’ll have to head to the enchanting trainer (which can easily be found by asking a guard in a large city). Once you are at the trainer train "Apprentice Enchanting” and by clicking your Enchanting icon in your Spellbook you will see that you can Enchant Bracer – Minor Deflection, Enchant Bracer – Minor Health, and Runed Copper Rod. You also obtained the Disenchant skill, which you will use to disenchant "green” or better items to get enchanting supplies.

You can get your enchanting supplies by disenchanting items, as mentioned above, or by buying the supplies on the auction house. Either way is fine, so use whatever method you prefer. Some players even buy items off the auction house to disenchant for supplies, so be creative.

You will find throughout this guide that you will be required to make rods, these rods are required for enchants and at higher levels they can be fairly expensive to make. When you make a new rod your old one will be consumed in the creation process and the new rod can be used for all of your old enchants which require lower level rods. The rods required in the enchanting formulas (Silver Rod, Golden Rod, Truesilver Rod, Arcanite Rod, Fel Iron Rod, Adamantite Rod, Eternium Rod, Titanium Rod, and Elementium Rod) are created by blacksmiths and can often be found for sale on the auction house. Copper Rod, which is required for your first rod is purchased from enchanting supply vendors.

For the beginning levels (1-50) you can in fact disenchant items to gain skill ups. You can actually level up slightly higher by simply disenchanting items although it becomes inefficient to do so since after 50 it becomes very slow to get skill ups. So, if you’d prefer to disenchant to get to 50, go for it, but keep these levels in mind:

Enchanting SkillRequired LevelItem Level



Enchanting 1-100

The first levels 1-100 are very easy to level up, as mentioned above you may disenchant to about skill level 50, or follow the guide below. Remember the amounts listed are just guidelines and you might need to do more or less enchants to reach the projected skill level.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
1-2Runed Copper Rod11 Copper Rod/1 Strange Dust/1 Lesser Magic Essence
2-90Enchant Bracer – Minor Health8888 Strange Dust
90-100Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina1030 Strange Dust



Enchanting 100-219

This section is still fairly cheap and easy to level up. But if you do need gold for whatever reason take a look at this gold guide. Once again remember that you might need to enchant more or less to reach the skill level listed.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
100-101Runed Silver Rod11 Silver Rod/6 Strange Dust/3 Greater Magic Essence/1 Runed Copper Rod
101-110Greater Magic Wand99 Simple Wood/9 Greater Magic Essence
110-135Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility (v)2525 Lesser Astral Essence
135-155Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina2040 Soul Dust
155-156Runed Golden Rod11 Golden Rod/1 Iridescent Pearl/2 Greater Astral Essence/2 Soul Dust/1 Runed Silver Rod
156-185Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength (v)4080 Soul Dust
185-219Enchant Bracer – Strength4040 Vision Dust


Vendor (v) Purchasable Enchants:

EnchantPlace to Buy for HordePlace to Buy for Alliance
Enchant Cloak – Minor AgilityKulwia -Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon MountainsDalria -Astranaar, Ashenvale
Enchant Bracer – Lesser StrengthKulwia -Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon MountainsDalria -Astranaar, Ashenvale



Enchanting 219-300

For this section you create the consumable, Lesser Mana Oil. You will need vials to create this item, which can be purchased from trade vendors and alchemy supply vendors. You will also need to purchase some formulas from vendors. The chart below this section of the guide will tell you where to go to purchase them.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
219-220Runed Truesilver Rod11 Truesilver Rod/1 Black Pearl/2 Greater Mystic Essence/2 Vision Dust/1 Runed Golden Rod
220-225Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense515 Vision Dust
225-230Enchant Gloves – Agility55 Lesser Nether Essence/5 Vision Dust
230-235Enchant Boots – Stamina525 Vision Dust
235-240Enchant Chest – Superior Health530 Vision Dust
240-250Enchant Boots – Lesser Accuracy1040 Vision Dust/10 Lesser Nether Essence
250-260Lesser Mana Oil (v)1030 Dream Dust/20 Purple Lotus/10 Crystal Vial
260-265Enchant Bracer – Greater Intellect515 Lesser Eternal Essence
265-299Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina (v)40200 Dream Dust
299-300Runed Arcanite Rod11 Arcanite Rod/10 Illusion Dust/4 Greater Eternal Essence/1 Runed Truesilver Rod/2 Large Brilliant Shard


Vendor (v) Purchasable Enchants:

EnchantPlace to Buy for HordePlace to Buy for Alliance
Lesser Mana OilKania – Cenarion Hold, SilithusKania – Cenarion Hold, Silithus
Enchant Shield – Greater StaminaDaniel Bartlett – Undercity (near bank)Mythrin’dir – Craftmen’s Terrace, Darnassus



Enchanting 300-375

This is definitely one of the most expensive parts of the guide. If you are finding it hard to keep up with the gold needed for this section while you are power leveling your skills up look at this Gold Guide.

You will also need to purchase some formulas from vendors, the places to find these formulas are listed below.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
300-301Runed Fel Iron Rod11 Fel Iron Rod/4 Greater Eternal Essence/6 Large Brilliant Shard/1 Runed Arcanite Rod
301-310Enchant Bracer – Assault954 Arcane Dust
310-320Enchant Bracer – Brawn1060 Arcane Dust
320-325Enchant Cloak – Major Armor648 Arcane Dust
325-340Enchant Shield – Major Stamina (v)15225 Arcane Dust
340-350Enchant Gloves – Major Strength10120 Arcane Dust/10 Greater Planar Essence
350-351Runed Adamantite Rod11 Adamantite Rod/8 Greater Planar Essence/8 Large Prismatic Shard/1 Primal Might/1 Runed Fel Iron Rod
351-360Enchant Chest – Exceptional Mana954 Infinite Dust
360-375Enchant Bracers – Striking1696 Infinite Dust


Vendor (v) Purchasable Enchants: Some of these can be purchased in different places than listed, I have listed the most convenient locations.

EnchantPlace to Buy for HordePlace to Buy for Alliance
Enchant Shield – Major StaminaMadame Ruby – Lower City, Shattrath CityMadame Ruby – Lower City, Shattrath City



Enchanting 375-455

This is even more expensive to level up than the 300-375 section. You should check out this Gold Guide if you are having problems with gold before you start the rest of the guide.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
375-376Runed Eternium Rod11 Eternium Rod/6 Greater Planar Essence/6 Arcane Dust/1 Runed Adamantite Rod
376-385Enchant Chest – Super Stats1248 Infinite Dust/24 Lesser Cosmic Essence
385-395Enchant Weapon – Greater Potency1122 Infinite Dust/44 Lesser Cosmic Essence
395-410Enchant Gloves – Greater Assault1696 Infinite Dust/16 Greater Cosmic Essence
410-425Enchant Gloves – Precision1664 Greater Cosmic Essence
425-426Runed Titanium Rod11 Titanium Rod/12 Infinite Dust/4 Greater Cosmic Essence/2 Dream Shard/1 Runed Eternium Rod
426-440Enchant Boots – Earthen Vitality1428 Hypnotic Dust
440-455Enchant Cloak – Greater Spell Piercing1545 Hypnotic Dust



Enchanting 455-525

This is the final section of the guide. Take a look at this Gold Guide for ways to make gold with your Enchanting.

Projected SkillEnchantNumber of EnchantsComponents
455-460Enchant Gloves – Haste520 Hypnotic Dust/5 Lesser Celestial Essence
460-465Enchant Boots – Haste510 Hypnotic Dust/5 Greater Celestial Essence
465-475Enchant Cloak – Intellect1060 Hypnotic Dust
475-480Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Strength515 Hypnotic Dust/10 Greater Celestial Essence
480-485Enchant Boots – Major Agility520 Hypnotic Dust/10 Greater Celestial Essence
485-490Enchant Gloves – Greater Expertise525 Hypnotic Dust/10 Greater Celestial Essence
490-495Enchant Shield – Blocking560 Hypnotic Dust
495-505Enchant Bracer – Precision10120 Hypnotic Dust/10 Greater Celestial Essence
505-510Enchant Boots – Precision55 Elixir of Impossible Accuracy/10 Hypnotic Dust/10 Greater Celestial Essence
510-515Enchant Bracer – Exceptional Spirit545 Hypnotic Dust/15 Greater Celestial Essence
515-520Enchant Boots – Mastery550 Hypnotic Dust/15 Greater Celestial Essence
520-525Runed Elementium Rod (v)1Runed Titanium Rod/1 Elementium Rod/10 Hypnotic Dust/6 Heavenly Shard/6 Greater Celestial Essence


Vendor Purchased Enchant (v): You’ll need to be at least level 84 to buy the pattern for Runed Elementium Rod from the Shard Traders in Twilight Highlands.



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