WoW First Aid Guide 1-525


This is a First Aid Guide for 1-525 (updated for patch 4.3). The focus of this guide is to level your First Aid up as efficiently as possible, and since First Aid is relatively very easy to level up, this will be simple. This guide will also provide you with a general idea of how much cloth you will need to have in order to get your skill up; however, the amounts listed here are just guidelines and the number of cloth pieces you use will probably vary.

While First Aid doesn’t cost much to level up it also doesn’t make much gold for you. If you need help coming up with new ways to make gold then look at this Gold Guide.

The first step to beginning First Aid is to go to the nearest First Aid Trainer and train First Aid. Once you have trained First Aid you are ready to begin collecting cloth to create Linen Bandages (a formula you received by training First Aid). If you are going to fight humanoids for Linen Cloth keep in mind that humanoids which are levels 5-15 have the highest percentage chance of dropping it for you. A complete list of the optimal level humanoids to fight to get cloth can be found here. Otherwise, you can simply buy your cloth on the auction house.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
1-40Linen Bandage4545 Linen Cloth
40-80Heavy Linen Bandage55110 Linen Cloth
80-115Wool Bandage5050 Wool Cloth
115-150Heavy Wool Bandage50100 Wool Cloth
150-180Silk Bandage4040 Silk Cloth
180-210Heavy Silk Bandage3570 Silk Cloth
210-240Mageweave Bandage4040 Mageweave Cloth
240-260Heavy Mageweave Bandage2244 Mageweave Cloth
260-290Runecloth Bandage4242 Runecloth
290-300Heavy Runecloth Bandage1020 Runecloth
300-330Netherweave Bandage3030 Netherweave Cloth
330-350Heavy Netherweave Bandage2040 Netherweave Cloth
350-400Frostweave Bandage6565 Frostweave Cloth
400-425Heavy Frostweave Bandage3570 Frostweave Cloth
425-475Embersilk Bandage6565 Embersilk Cloth
475-525Heavy Embersilk Bandage97194 Embersilk Cloth


In the following table you will find a list of bandages and levels at which they turn "green.” It is here simply for you additional information in case you decide not to follow the guide above.

ItemLevel it Turns Green
Linen Bandage45
Heavy Linen Bandage75
Wool Bandage115
Heavy Wool Bandage150
Silk Bandage180
Heavy Silk Bandage210
Mageweave Bandage240
Heavy Mageweave Bandage270
Runecloth Bandage290
Heavy Runecloth Bandage320
Nethweave Bandage347
Heavy Netherweave Bandage367
Frostweave Bandage392
Heavy Frostweave Bandage430
Embersilk Bandage467
Heavy Embersilk Bandage505


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