WoW Skinning Guide 1-525


This is a WoW Skinning Guide that will help you level from 1-525 (updated for patch 4.3). If you are Skinning for leather for Leatherworking a major time saver would be to buy mats on the Auction House instead of Skinning. If you can’t afford to do this and would like to take a glance at this Gold Guide for tips on how to make lots of gold.

Skinning is one of the easiest professions to level up, especially if you are leveling. To start Skinning you just need a Skinning Knife in one of your bags and simply need to kill beasts and click to skin. It’s really that easy and before you know it you will be 525!

Skinning 1-300

For the first 180 levels there are zones listed for both Horde and Alliance (in case you are doing this guide while leveling up). You can also simply start off by skinning in the areas in which your race starts for the first 75 levels (do this if you are skinning while you level up) because most of those areas are full of beasts.

Projected SkillZoneNPCs
1-75Dun Morogh or DurotarCrag Boars, Wolves, Leopards, Bears or Mottled Boars, Scorpids, Crocolisks
75-130Loch Modan or Northern BarrensBear, Boars, Crocolisk, Birds or Crocolisk, Giraffes, Boars, Birds, Hyena, Zhevra
130-180Wetlands or Hillsbrad FoothillsCrocolisks, Raptors or Bears, Turtles, Lions, Deer
180-220The Cape of Stranglethorn or Southern BarrensBasilisks, Gorillas, Cats or Boars, Birds, Giraffes, Zhevra, Cats, Kodo, Turtles
220-250Eastern Plaguelands or Thousand NeedlesHounds, Birds, Bats, Boar or Cats, Serpents, Hyena, Birds
250-300Un’Goro Crater (at 250) or Winterspring (at 260)Dinosaurs or Yeti, Saber Cats



Skinning 300-375

For this section of the guide you will need to head out to the Outland to continue leveling up. You can probably stay in Azeroth a bit longer but for simplicities sake you can move to the Outland once you hit level 300.

Projected SkillZoneNPCs
300-310Hellfire PeninsulaHelboars
310-330Hellfire PeninsulaRavagers, HelBoars
330-350NagrandClefthoofs, Talbuks, Elekk
350-375Shadowmoon Valley, Blades Edge Mountains, or NetherstormVarious Beasts



Skinning 375-450

You will be in Northrend for this section. If you are sick of Skinning and would like to simply buy mats at this point I sympathize with you. If you don’t have the gold to be able to do this take a look at thisgold making guide.

At 375 there is an alternate place you can go to in order to get to 405 (just so you aren’t confused by it).

Projected SkillZoneNPCs
350-405Howling FjordShoveltusks and Rams
375-405Borean Tundra (south of Fizzcrank’s Airstrip)Mammoths
405-430Grizzly HillsDuskhowl Prowlers, Frosthorn Rams, Graymist Hunters, Grizzly Bears, Highland Mustangs, Ice Serpents
430-450Sholazar BasinDreadsabers, Cobras, Goretalons, Hardknuckles, Grazers, Crocolisks, Wasps, Shattertusks, Rhinos
430-470Storm Peaks (outside Dun Niffelem)430-435: Mammoths, 435-470: Jormungar



Skinning 450-525

This is the final section of the guide for Cataclysm. You have two options here; you can either stay in Northrend longer and keep leveling there or you can move to Mount Hyjal and begin skinning there.

Projected SkillZoneNPCs
450-470Mount HyjalStags
485-525Twilight HighlandsOwls, Worgs, Other Beasts



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