WoW Tailoring Guide 1-525


This tailoring guide will help you level from 1-525 in the easiest possible way (updated for patch 4.3). If you end up getting low on gold check out this Gold Guide for tips on how to make lots of gold.

Tailoring Introduction

If you are interested in training tailoring as one of your two professions the first step you need to take is to train tailoring. To do this all you need to do is head to a major city, right click a guard, click professions, click on tailoring, and following the flag on your map to the tailoring trainer. When you get to the tailoring area find the tailoring trainer and train Apprentice Tailor. Click your "Spellbook & Abilities” (P) and on the "Professions” tab you will find a tailoring button, click it. You will see that you have several formulas (Simple Linen Pants, Linen Cloak, Brown Linen Shirt, Bolt of Linen Cloth) in your book already, the trainer gave you these when you trained Apprentice Tailor. You can also train White Linen Shirt right away.

Now that you have tailoring trained you need to get the supplies for it, which consists mainly of cloth. To begin you’ll have to get linen cloth and then most recipes require other miscellaneous items which at lower levels are usually bought from a tailoring supplies vendor.



Tailoring 1-125

This is probably the cheapest and easiest part of the guide since it involves the creation of items made with linen and wool cloth and lower level recipes. Keep in mind that the number of items listed to craft is just an estimate and you might need to make more or less to reach the project skill.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
1-45Bolt of Linen Cloth60120 Linen ClothKeep
45-60Heavy Linen Glove1530 Bolt of Linen Cloth/15 Coarse ThreadSell
60-75Reinforced Linen Cape1530 Bolt of Linen Cloth/45 Coarse ThreadSell
75-105Bolt of Woolen Cloth65195 Wool ClothKeep
105-110Gray Woolen Shirt1020 Bolt of Woolen Cloth/10 Fine Thread/10 Gray DyeSell
110-125Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders1545 Bolt of Woolen Cloth/30 Fine ThreadSell



Tailoring 125-250

For this section you will begin by leveling up with silk cloth and finish off with making items from Mageweave. Once again remember you may need to make slightly different amounts to reach the projected skill. If you don’t feel like farming cloth but need gold look at this gold making guide.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
125-145Bolt of Silk Cloth159636 Silk ClothKeep
145-160Azure Silk Hood1734 Bolt of Silk Cloth/34 Blue Dye/17 Fine ThreadSell
160-170Silk Headband1030 Bolt of Silk Cloth/20 Fine ThreadSell
170-175Formal White Shirt515 Bolt of Silk Cloth/10 Bleach/5 Fine ThreadSell
175-185Bolt of Mageweave102408 Mageweave ClothKeep
185-205Crimson Silk Vest2080 Bolt of Silk Cloth/40 Red Dye/40 Fine ThreadSell
205-215Black Mageweave Leggings or Black Mageweave Vest1020 Bolt of Mageweave/30 Silken ThreadSell
215-225Orange Mageweave Shirt1212 Bolt of Mageweave/12 Orange Dye/12 Heavy Silken ThreadSell
225-230Black Mageweave Gloves510 Bolt of Mageweave/10 Heavy Silken ThreadSell
230-250Black Mageweave Headband or Black Mageweave Shoulders2060 Bolt of Mageweave/40 Heavy Silken ThreadSell



Tailoring 250-300

Getting from 250-300 is pretty simple, you only have to craft 3 different items (besides bolts).

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
250-260Bolt of Runecloth196784 RuneclothKeep
260-275Runecloth Belt1751 Bolt of Runecloth/17 Rune ThreadSell
275-295Runecloth Gloves23115 Bolt of Runecloth/46 Rune ThreadSell
295-300Runecloth Headband530 Bolt of Runecloth/10 Rune ThreadSell



Tailoring 300-375

There are a few patterns that you must purchase and cannot train at the trainer, they are listed in the table below.

Here are the patterns you need to buy for this section of the guide.

ItemWhere to Buy for HordeWhere to Buy for Alliance
Pattern: Bolt of Imbued NetherweaveEiin in Shattrath City (Lower City)Eiin in Shattrath City (Lower City)
Pattern: Netherweave TunicEiin in Shattrath City (Lower City)Eiin in Shattrath City (Lower City)


Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
300-325Bolt of Netherweave115575 Netherweave ClothKeep
325-340Bolt of Imbued Netherweave1545 Bolt of Netherweave/30 Arcane DustKeep
340-345Netherweave Boots530 Bolt of Netherweave/10 Knothide Leather/5 Rune ThreadSell
345-350Netherweave Tunic540 Bolt of Netherweave/10 Rune ThreadSell
350-375Bolt of Frostweave2281140 Frostweave ClothKeep



Tailoring 375-425

This portion will require a lot of Frostweave Cloth so if you are getting tired of farming cloth but don’t have the gold to buy a bunch take a look at this Gold Guide for tips on how to make lots of gold.

Here is the guide.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
375-385Frostwoven Belt1030 Bolt of Frostweave/10 Eternium ThreadSell
385-395Frostwoven Cowl or Frostwoven Leggings1155 Bolt of Frostweave/11 Eternium ThreadSell
395-400Duskweave Belt535 Bolt of Frostweave/5 Eternium ThreadSell
400-405Bolt of Imbued Frostweave1020 Bolt of Frostweave/20 Infinite DustKeep
405-415Duskweave Wristwraps1188 Bolt of Frostweave/11 Eternium ThreadSell
415-425Ebonweave1010 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave/20 Eternal ShadowSell



Tailoring 425-525

This is the final section of the guide and it’s actually pretty simple and fast to run through even though there are a lot of different recipes to craft. If you are out of gold at this point or are looking forward to making gold with your Tailoring check out this Gold Guide for the best ways to maximize the gold you make with your Tailoring skill now that you’ll be 525.

I suggest at 500 that you make a Dreamcloth since these will be used to make nice items or used to make gold with by selling them on the Auction House. If you don’t want to make one though, you can just begin making the Emberfire Bracers at 500.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
425-450Bolt of Embersilk3671835 Embersilk ClothKeep
450-455Deathsilk Bracers510 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth/10 Eternium ThreadSell
455-460Deathsilk Boots515 Bolt Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
460-465Deathsilk Leggings515 Bolt Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
465-470Deathsilk Cowl515 Bolt Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
470-475Spiritmend Belt520 Bolt of Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
475-480Spiritmend Boots520 Bolt of Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
480-485Spiritmend Leggings520 Bolt of Embersilk/10 Eternium ThreadSell
485-500Spiritmend Robe1590 Bolt of Embersilk/30 Eternium ThreadSell
500-501Dreamcloth18 Bolt of Embersilk/30 Volatile WaterSell
501-505Vicious Embersilk Bracers424 Bolt of Embersilk/16 Volatile Fire/16 Volatile WaterSell
505-510Vicious Embersilk Shoulders530 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth/15 Volatile Fire/15 Volatile WaterSell
510-516Vicious Embersilk Belt330 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth/12 Volatile Water/12 Volatile FireSell
516-520Vicious Embersilk Gloves220 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth/8 Volatile Water/8 Volatile FireSell
520-525Vicious Embersilk Boots550 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth/20 Volatile Water/20 Volatile FireSell



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