WoW Jewelcrafting Guide 1-525


This WoW Jewelcrafting Guide (updated for 4.3) takes you from 1-525 and lists the most efficient way to level up your jewelcrafting. It can be used by those looking to power level their skill up and those looking for a plan to follow while they level their character and jewelcrafting at the same time. You’ll find that as you level your jewelcrafting up the cost of doing so increases greatly…so if you find yourself sort on gold while you are leveling up I suggest you use this Gold Guide to learn how to get more gold so you can advance your character faster.

Jewelcrafting Introduction

If you decide to become a jewelcrafter the first step is to learn jewelcrafting. So fly, port, or run to the nearest city with profession trainers and navigate to the jewelcrafting trainer by right clicking a guard, clicking on profession trainer, clicking jewelcrafting, and by going to the flag that pops up on both your mini map and regular map.

To train jewelcrafting simply click on the jewelcrafting trainer and train apprentice jewelcrafting. Next train heavy copper ring. You’ll notice that by learning apprentice jewelcrafting the trainer also gave you a number of other jewelcrafting formulas. Also, in order to begin jewelcrafting you will need to purchase a Jeweler’s Kit from a jewelcrafting supply vendor, which can be found right near the jewelcrafting trainer.

Now that you have trained you might be wondering where to get the supplies for jewelcrafting! The components for jewelcrafting are derived from mining. Therefore, a vast majority of jewelcrafters train mining as their second profession. If you decide to mine then the next step for you would be to find a mining trainer in one of the major cities with trainers and then get out and mine. As you mine you will find that you obtain ore and sometime even gems from mining veins. You can then head smelt the ore to turn it into bars needed for creating jewelcrafting items.

The biggest advantage of training mining as your second profession is that you will be able to collect all of your own jewelcrafting supplies. You’ll probably even mine extra ore you can prospect for gems. (Jewelcrafters are able to train the skill prospecting, which allows them to search ore for gems. Although the ore is destroyed in the process it’s worth it when valuable gems are found in the process. So if you mine a lot and have extra ore you can simply prospect it for a chance to find gems, which are of course a major component of jewelcrafting.)

It’s important to note that while mining is the traditional complement skill to jewelcrafting not all players choose to train it. Instead those players use a number of other options to get the jewelcrafting supplies they need. Some opt to use another character on their account that already has mining trained and farm the supplies. Others have friends mine the supplies for them or buy everything they need on the auction house. If you don’t have another character with mining on it, have friends to get you supplies, the money to buy supplies, or the server population to support an auction house with lots of supplies then you may be stuck having to mine everything yourself.



Jewelcrafting 1-100

The focus of this guide is to get ones skill level up as fast as possible without having to buy lots of recipes from vendors, the auction house, or farm for random drops. It also is designed for players who choose to buy all of their supplies from the auction house, or rather, to level up jewelcrafting without having mining trained. If you need gold to buy your supplies look at this Gold Guide.

Keep the items labeled "Keep” because you’ll need them to craft items later.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)Sell or Keep
1-35Delicate Copper Wire2 Copper BarKeep
35-50Malachite Pendant1 Malachite/1 Delicate Copper WireSell
35-50Tigerseye Band1 Tigerseye/1 Delicate Copper WireSell
50-80Bronze Setting2 Bronze BarKeep
80-100Ring of Silver Might2 Silver BarSell
80-100Brilliant Necklace4 Bronze Bar/1 Bronze Setting/1 Moss AgateSell



Jewelcrafting 100-220

Congrats, if you are reading this part of the guide you probably already have your jewelcrafting leveled up to at least 100. This guide will provide you with a way to efficiently level your jewelcrafting to 220.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)Sell or Keep
100-120Ring of Twilight Shadows2 Shadow Gem/2 Bronze BarSell
110-120Heavy Stone Statue8 Heavy StoneSell
120-150Pendant of the Agate Shield1 Moss Agate/1 Bronze SettingSell
150-180Mithril Filigree2 Mithril BarKeep
180-220Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing1 Citrine/2 Mithril BarSell



Jewelcrafting 220-300

If you’ve made it through jewelcrafting this far, congrats. Or if you are just looking ahead at what jewelcrafting to 300 takes, here it is. You will find that as your skill levels get higher and higher, the cost of materials gets higher and higher and in some cases harder to find. If you want to get your jewelcrafting up as quickly as possible I suggest buying the materials; however, this is easier said than done, unless you have a lot of gold. If you need gold check out this gold farming guide.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)Sell or Keep
220-225Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior1 Aquamarine/3 Mithril FiligreeSell
225-245Thorium Setting1 Thorium BarKeep
245-260Ruby Pendant of Fire1 Star Ruby/1 Thorium SettingSell
260-280Simple Opal Ring1 Large Opal/1 Thorium SettingSell
280-290Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night1 Blue Sapphire/1 Essence of Undeath/1 Thorium SettingSell
290-300Emerald Lion Ring2 Huge Emerald/1 Thorium SettingSell



Jewelcrafting 300-350

For this section of the guide I recommend that you use your own common sense when trying to level up. Some of the sections will require that you level up using lots of the same materials. If you don’t have a huge surplus of supplies or don’t have a lot of gold to buy them then use your own judgment and try to level up using the supplies you do have.

You will need to purchase a Simple Grinder from a merchant selling jewelcrafting supplies in order to cut gems.

For the 325 section: Regal Deep Peridot is sold by the Quartermasters in Honor Hold and Thrallmar. Shifting Shadow Draenite and Subtle Golden Draenite are sold by the Consortium Quartermasters Karaaz and Paulsta’ats.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)Sell or Keep
300-320Cut any of these: Brilliant Blood Garnet, Solid Azure Moonstone, Radiant Deep Peridot, Inscribed Flame Spessarite, or Timeless Shadow DraeniteBlood Garnet, Azure Moonstone, Deep Peridot, Flame Spessarite, or Shadow DraeniteSell
320-325Cut any of these: Bold Blood Garnet, Delicate Blood Garnet, Jagged Deep Peridot, Reckless Flame Spessarite, or Purified Shadow DraeniteBlood Garnet, Blood Garnet, Deep Peridot, Flame Spessarite, or Shadow DraeniteSell
325-335Cut any of these: Regal Deep Peridot, Glinting Shadow Draenite, Shifting Shadow Draenite, or Subtle Golden DraeniteDeep Peridot, Shadow Draenite, Shadow Draenite, or Golden DraeniteSell
335-350Cut any of these: Smooth Golden Draenite, Potent Flame Spessarite, Rigid Azure Moonstone, or Sovereign Shadow DraeniteGolden Draenite, Flame Spessarite, Azure Moonstone, or Shadow DraeniteSell



Jewelcrafting 350-450

Congrats if you’ve made it this far, you are almost done! One thing to keep in mind when leveling from 350-450 is that it can take a very long time and it can also take a lot of gold, unless you have all the supplies. So if you don’t have a lot of gold take a look at this Gold Guide to learn what it takes to make enough gold for not only your jewelcrafting, but your mounts, skills, and whatever else you desire.

For this section from 350-390 you’ll need to cut any green gem pattern learned at 350 or 360, there are too many to list out so just pick what you want to use.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)
350-395Cut any of these: Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, Dark Jade, Shadow Crystal, Chalcedony, Sun CrystalHuge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, Dark Jade, Shadow Crystal, Chalcedony, Sun Crystal
395-400Bloodstone Band or Crystal Chalcedony Amulet or Crystal Citrine Necklace or Sun Rock Ring1 Bloodstone, 2 Crystallized Earth or 1 Chalcedony, 2 Crystallized Earth or 1 Huge Citrine, 2 Crystallized Earth or 1 Sun Crystal, 2 Crystallized Earth
400-420Stoneguard Band2 Eternal Earth
420-425Dream Signet1 Titanium Bar, 1 Forest Emerald, 1 Dream Shard
425-450Cut any of these: Hessonite, Nightstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Zephyrite, AliciteHessonite, Nightstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Zephyrite, Alicite



Jewelcrafting 450-525

For this section you’ll be able to pick any green gem you want to craft for levels 450-467. From 495-525 you’ll need to level off Meta Gem patterns which require you to do the JC dailies to buy. Also, you can create Fire Prism up to 525 but you can only do it once every 20 hours.

Projected SkillItemComponents (per craft)
450-467Cut any of these: Hessonite, Nightstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Zephyrite, AliciteHessonite, Nightstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Zephyrite, Alicite
467-475Hessonite Band1 Jeweler’s Setting/2 Hessonite
475-495Nightstone Choker1 Jeweler’s Setting/2 Nightstone
495-525Cut any Meta GemMeta Gem
500-525Fire Prism3 Carnelian/3 Alicite/3 Hessonite/3 Jasper/3 Nightstone/3 Zephyrite



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