WoW Engineering Guide 1-525


This Engineering Guide (updated for patch 4.3) was created to help you level through 1-525 in the quickest way possible. Engineering can be a bit pricey so if you find yourself low on gold check out thisGold Guide for tips on how to make lots of gold. This guide was tested before it was posted but if you find any problems or have any suggestions leave a comment!

Engineering Introduction

To start you’ll have to go to a major city and seek out an engineering trainer (just ask a guard for directions). Once you find the trainer train "Apprentice Engineering” and you are ready to begin!

The supplies for engineering are found in a variety of places, some of the supplies are from mining and smelting, while others are found at vendors and off of mobs. Some of the items required by some engineering formulas are actually created through other engineering formulas so pay attention to the chart and where it says "Keep” or "Sell” because you will need many items to make others as you level up.

In order to make some items in this guide you will have to create an "Arclight Spanner” and a "Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor” these items are not consumed in the recipes you need them for, so hold onto at least one of each of them!

I’ve listed the "Components Required” in the guide and to clear up any confusion this is the components listed to make one item.



Engineering 1-116

The first 100 or so levels of just about every tradeskill are the easiest and cheapest levels to level up, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
1-30Rough Blasting Powder1 Rough StoneKeep
30-50Handful of Copper Bolts1 Copper BarKeep
50-51Arclight Spanner6 Copper BarKeep
51-75Rough Copper Bomb2 Rough Blasting Powder/1 Handful of Copper BoltsSell
75-90Coarse Blasting Powder1 Coarse StoneKeep
90-100Coarse Dynamite1 Coarse Blasting Powder/1 Linen ClothSell
100-116Clockwork Box3 Bronze BarUse



Engineering 116-220

Moving on! If you are buying everything for the guide you might run low on gold, check out this gold making guide if that happens.

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
116-120Bronze Tube2 Bronze BarKeep
120-125Standard Scope1 Bronze Tube/1 Moss AgateSell
125-140Heavy Blasting Powder1 Heavy StoneKeep
140-160Big Bronze Bomb2 Heavy Blasting Powder/3 Bronze Bar/1 Silver ContactSell
160-175Iron Strut2 Iron BarSell
175-176Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor4 Steel BarKeep
176-190Solid Blasting Powder2 Solid StoneKeep
190-205Big Iron Bomb3 Iron Bar/3 Heavy Blasting Powder/1 Silver ContactSell
205-220Unstable Trigger1 Mithril Bar/1 Mageweave Cloth/1 Solid Blasting PowderKeep



Engineering 220-300

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
220-235Mithril Casing3 Mithril BarKeep
235-250Hi-Explosive Bomb2 Mithril Casing/1 Unstable Trigger/2 Solid Blasting PowderSell
250-260Dense Blasting Powder2 Dense StoneKeep
260-290Thorium Widget3 Thorium Bar/1 RuneclothSell
290-300Thorium Tube6 Thorium BarSell



Engineering 300-375

Since the release of the Wrath of the Lich King leveling from 300-375 has gotten a whole lot easier with the addition of new formulas. Now in comparison to the high end levels of 425-525, this section should seem a lot easier than it once did!

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
300-305Handful of Fel Iron Bolts1 Fel Iron BarKeep
305-310Fel Iron Casing3 Fel Iron BarKeep
310-330Fel Iron Bomb1 Fel Iron Casing/2 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts/1 Elemental Blasting PowderSell
330-340Adamantite Grenade4 Adamantite Bar/2 Handful Fel Iron Bolts/1 Elemental Blasting PowderSell
340-350Felsteel Stabalizer2 Felsteel BarSell
350-370Handful of Cobalt Bolts2 Cobalt BarKeep
370-375Volatile Blasting Trigger3 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized WaterKeep



Engineering 375-425

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your demand for gold while doing this guide check out this Gold Guide.

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
375-390Overcharged Capacitor4 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized EarthSell
390-400Froststeel Tube8 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized WaterKeep
400-405Diamond Cut Refractor ScopeFroststeel Tube/2 Handful of Cobalt BoltsSell
405-415Box of Bombs5 Saronite Bar/Volatile Blasting TriggerSell
415-425Mana Injector Kit12 Saronite Bar/2 Crystallized WaterSell



Engineering 425-525

Projected SkillItemComponents Required (per craft)Sell or Keep
425-442Handful of Obsidium Bolts2 Obsidium BarKeep
442-445Electrostatic Condenser4 Obsidium Bar/6 Obsidium Bolts/4 Volatile EarthSell
445-460Electrified Ether2 Volatile AirKeep
460-470R19 Threatfinder or Safety Catch Removal6 Obsidium Bar/2 Alicite/6 Obsidium Bolts or 20 Obsidium Bar/20 Obsidium BoltsSell
470-475High-Powered Bolt Gun10 Obsidium Bar/8 Obsidium Bolts/4 Electrified EtherSell
475-495Elementium Toolbox15 Elementium Bar/12 Volatile EarthSell
495-510Finely-Tuned Throat Needler2 Electrified Ether/4 Obsidium Bar/5 Hardened Elementium BarSell
510-521Heat-Treated Spinning Lure1 Obsidium Bolts/4 Elementium Bar/1 Volatile FireSell
521-525Gnomish X-Ray Scope2 Hardened Elementium Bar/2 Dream EmeraldSell



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