Alchemy Guide 1-525                                                              

This WoW Alchemy guide (updated for 4.3) will take you all the way from 1 to 525 in the quickest possible way. If you are low or get low on gold while doing this guide or leveling up your character check out this Gold Guide for tips on how to make more gold.

All the formulas required in this guide (besides one in the 300-375 section) are trained by alchemy trainers.

Alchemy Introduction

If you want to become an alchemist then you need to train alchemy from an alchemy trainer. Simply head to the nearest large city and click on a guard to point you in the direction of the nearest alchemy trainer. Once you get to the trainer simply click on them and train "Apprentice Alchemist”. If you open up your alchemy skill window you’ll notice that you also have three formulas trained: Elixir of Lion’s Strength, Elixir of Minor Defense, and Minor Healing Potion.

Now if you are really a noob you are probably wondering where you get the supplies to make the potions and elixirs you were just taught to create. The main components of alchemy are herbs, which are gathered using herbalism. It is a good idea to train herbalism as your second profession so you can get all the herbs you need without having to buy them on the auction house; however, that being said, it is possible to not train herbalism and just buy all your supplies but it can be annoying and costly. Vials are also a common component of alchemy recipes and these can be purchased from alchemy supplies or tradeskill vendors.

There are three specializations alchemists can choose from: Potions, Transmutations, and Elixirs. You may choose one of these specializations and having it gives you the chance to create 1-4 extra items, per each item you create that is categorized in your specialization. For example, if you are specialized in Potions then you have a chance to make 1-4 more items while creating potions only. Unlike some other professions, you do not need to level up following a certain specialization and you can unlearn one specialization and learn another; however, it is costly to do so. You are able to specialize once you are 325 and level 68. This guide isn’t affected by choosing any certain specialization so feel free to learn whichever one you’d like once you are able to learn one.



Alchemy 1-155

This part of the guide is quick and easy to do. Since starting area herbs are used at these levels, herbs are plentiful if you decide to gather them with herbalism and cheap if you decide to buy them off the auction house.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponentsSell or Keep
1-60Minor Healing Potion6060 Peacebloom/60 Silverleaf/60 Crystal VialKeep
60-105Lesser Healing Potion6060 Minor Healing Potion/60 BriarthornSell
105-110Elixir of Wisdom55 Mageroyal/10 Briarthorn/5 Crystal VialSell
110-135Healing Potion2525 Bruiseweed/25 Briarthorn/25 Crystal VialSell
135-155Elixir of Defense2020 Wild Steelbloom/20 Stranglekelp/20 Crystal VialSell



Alchemy 155-260

These levels are also easy to breeze through and the herbs that these formulas call for are easy to find on the auction house or while looking for herbs. If you don’t have the gold to buy them but would like to, take a look at this gold guide.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
155-175Greater Healing Potion2020 Liferoot/20 Kingsblood/20 Crystal Vial
175-195Elixir of Fortitude2020 Wild Steelbloom/20 Goldthorn/20 Crystal Vial
195-215Elixir of Greater Defense2020 Wild Steelbloom/20 Goldthorn/20 Crystal Vial
215-240Superior Healing Potion2525 Sungrass/25 Khadgar’s Whisker/25 Crystal Vial
240-260Elixir of Greater Agility2020 Sungrass/20 Goldthorn/20 Crystal Vial



Alchemy 260-300

There’s only two formulas you need to use for these levels and after them you are 300!

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
260-275Superior Mana Potion1530 Sungrass/30 Blindweed/15 Crystal Vial
275-300Major Healing Potion3060 Golden Sansam/30 Mountain Silversage/30 Crystal Vial



Alchemy 300-375

Leveling alchemy from 300-375 is slightly more expensive than the other levels but is a lot easier and cheaper than other crafting professions. Still, if you run out of gold take a look at this gold making guide.

You will have to purchase one formula for this part of the guide in order to create Super Mana Potion. This formula is easily obtainable by Horde and Alliance and is sold by supply vendors. This formula doesn’t require reputation farming but is in limited supplies so if a vendor doesn’t have it on them you may need to wait a bit for it to spawn back. If you can’t seem to get the formula then just make Super Healing Potions until 350.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
300-315Adept’s Elixir or Volatile Healing Potion1515 Dreamfoil/15 Felweed/15 Crystal Vial or 15 Golden Sansam/15 Felweed/15 Crystal Vial
315-325Elixir of Major Fortitude or Unstable Mana Potion1020 Ragveil/10 Felweed/10 Crystal Vial
325-335Mad Alchemist’s Potion1010 Crystal Vial/20 Ragveil
335-340Super Healing Potion510 Netherbloom/5 Felweed/5 Crystal Vial
340-350*Super Mana Potion1020 Dreaming Glory/10 Felweed/10 Crystal Vial
350-360Resurgent Healing Potion1020 Goldclover/10 Crystal Vial
360-365Icy Mana Potion510 Talandra’s Rose/5 Crystal Vial
365-375Spellpower Elixir1010 Goldclover/10 Tiger Lily/10 Crystal Vial


*The formula to create Super Mana Potion can be purchased from Daga Ramba (Thunderlord Stronghold, Blades Edge Mountains (Horde)), Haalrun (Telredor, Zangarmarsh (Alliance)), and Noraani (Telredor, Zangarmarsh (Alliance)).



Alchemy 375-425

This stretch of the guide will take you all the way up to 425. If you are low on gold take a look at this gold making guide.

When you reach 400 you will be able to train "Northrend Alchemy Research” from the trainer. If you want go ahead and started doing it because it will allow you to learn an alchemy formula not available from the trainer.

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
375-385Pygmy Oil1212 Pygmy Suckerfish
375-380Spellpower Elixir77 Goldclover/7 Tiger Lily/7 Crystal Vial
380-385Potion of Nightmares55 Goldclover/10 Talandra’s Rose/5 Crystal Vial
385-395Elixir of Mighty Strength1020 Tiger Lily/10 Crystal Vial
395-415Indestructible Potion2040 Icethorn/20 Crystal Vial
415-425Runic Mana Potion1530 Lichbloom/15 Goldclover/15 Crystal Vial



Alchemy 425-525

This is the final section of the guide!

Projected SkillItemAmount to CraftComponents
425-450Draught of War2828 Cinderbloom/28 Crystal Vial
450-455Ghost Elixir510 Cinderbloom/10 Crystal Vial
455-460Deathblood Venom55 Stormvine/5 Crystal Vial
460-465Volcanic Potion55 Cinderbloom/5 Azshara’s Veil/5 Crystal Vial
465-475Elixir of the Cobra1111 Cinderbloom/11 Azshara’s Veil/11 Crystal Vial
475-480Elixir of Deep Earth510 Heartblossom/10 Crystal Vial
480-490Elixir of Impossible Accuracy1010 Heartblossom/10 Cinderbloom/10 Crystal Vial
490-495Golemblood Potion55 Heartblossom/5 Volatile Life/5 Crystal Vial
495-504Elixir of the Master1010 Heartblossom/10 Twilight Jasmine/10 Crystal Vial
504-509Flask of Enhancement18 Cinderbloom/8 Twilight Jasmine/8 Stormvine/8 Azshara’s Veil/8 Whiptail/1 Crystal Vial
509-514Lifebound Alchemist Stone150 Volatile Life/12 Cinderbloom/12 Azshara’s Veil/12 Hearblossom
514-515Transmute: Ember Topaz13 Hessonite/3 Cinderbloom
515-520Transmute: Demonseye515 Nightstone/15 Twilight Jasmine
515-520Transmute: Ocean Sapphire515 Zephyrite/15 Azshara’s Veil
520-525Transmute: Amberjewel515 Alicite/15 Whiptail


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