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Astral Cata Autovoter

Astral Cata Autovoter

I will explain what this program do :)

-When you install it, it automaticly add Task Scheduler event (thats why you have to disable antivirus beffore download it, its kinda hacking but not law unalowed so you are safe)
-Then you get a script which will run every 11:00 and 23:00 i can change this time if you request so for you personaly..

-That script open new browser window (it would be good if you have chrome) in which you HAVE to be loged in astralwow.info site.. (best way is to make your wow acc allways loged in on astralwow.info) and in that browser it will open ALL vote links automaticly ..

-What you have to do is only close that window (i can automate this to but if you allready use "chrome" it will close your window to)

-Thats IT .. you get 2-5 AE (sometimes you get more than 2) and you can rest like boss :)))

If your pc was turned off in Scheduler time it will do this task when ever you turn it on.. fastest posible :)

NOTE: Still in testing mode, i still working on antivirus notifi fix (so you dont have to disable antivirus when you downloading and instaling) and to allow you to choice in what time it will start :)

More questions in comments or ingame ... 

Program Creator : Sillver


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Easy Vote

This is easy vote for Astral Emblems .. step by step:

1. I suggest opening this in tottaly new browser window so you can easy close it later so you wont lost any other opened tabs ..
2. You have to be loged into AstralWoW site (you can do it with Iframe under this text,its 100% secure or you can open new tab and login to AstralWoW site)
3. Click on THIS BUTTON HERE  will open all vote sites 
4. Now you only have to manualy close vote sites or whole browser and you will get your Astral Emblems.. 


If somehing dont work you can whisper or mail me in game .. Sillwer